Agaricus blazei Murrill

Agaricus blazei Murrill
Agaricus blazei Murrill


The positive effects of Agaricus blazei Murrill on human health were first discovered in Brazil a few decades ago. Cancers hardly ever occurred in the rural population around São Paulo from where the mushroom originates and where it was often consumed as a food. Demand increased rapidly from that point on, and ABM, which in contrast to many other medicinal mushrooms does not grow on wood but instead requires a fermented culture medium, is traded at high prices. Basic research, too, shows strong interest in this natural product.

Applications tested in practice

• Prevention of and complementary therapy for cancers

There are indications that ABM can act against changes at a cell level as early as in the first phases of tumour development. It therefore appears well-suited for preventative use with an increased risk of cancer. The use of ABM in patients with metastasising tumours is also rated positively within medical research.

• Support of healing for skin conditions

Particularly for skin conditions triggered by bacteria or viruses, ABM can positively influence the healing process. According to analyses, ABM is able to inhibit the reproduction of a variety of pathogenic germs. The medicinal mushroom is also suitable for alleviating symptoms in acne and psoriasis.

• Boosting the immune system

The activation of the immune system by substances in ABM plays a crucial role in the prevention of disorders that are generally inflammatory. An increase in phagocytic activity by the ABM beta-glucan fractions is described, and ABM can also stimulate the production of inflammation-relevant cytokines.

• Treatment of allergies

It has been shown that ABM supplementation also influences the formation of immunoglobulins. This slows down hypersensitivity to antigens, thus making ABM an important medicinal mushroom for allergic reactions. There is also reported to be an influence on histamine release.

• Complementary therapy for diabetes mellitus

A clinical study involving type 2 diabetes patients demonstrated that complementary therapy with ABM extract significantly improves insulin sensitivity. This may open up a new application for this versatile medicinal mushroom in an indication field that has previously been largely ignored.

Other names

ABM, himematsutake, Agaricus brasiliensis, mushroom of the sun, almond mushroom


Agaricus blazei Murrill originally comes from the Brazilian rainforest and is now also cultivated in various countries in Asia.

Special features

The mushroom, which is related to the button mushroom, is particularly well-suited to supporting the body’s own defences and exerts its strengths in both the fight against cancer and for infections and allergies.
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