Auricularia polytricha

Auricularia polytricha
Auricularia polytricha


Auricularia polytricha is one of the oldest edible fungi and has been grown in China for around 1500 years. The distinctive-looking mushroom grows worldwide and favours old elder wood in particular. Its English name of Jew’s ear originates from a Christian legend that states that Judas hanged himself from an elder tree and ear-shaped mushrooms grew on the tree’s trunk. Auricularia has been used for healing purposes for centuries, both in China and in Europe. It is mainly used to strengthen blood vessels and the cardiovascular system.

Applications tested in practice

• Promotion of blood flow and regulation of the blood pressure

Many studies have been able to show that Auricularia can inhibit blood clotting and thus improve the flow properties of the blood – an effect that is particularly of benefit for blood vessels that are already damaged such as arteriosclerosis, as well as high blood pressure.

• Reduction in blood clotting, thus a preventative effect against heart attacks, strokes and thrombosis

Thanks to its anticoagulant effect, Auricularia is used to improve blood flow. Good treatment results have been reported by administering Auricularia substitution, particularly with regard to reducing the risk of a stroke or heart attack and for circulatory problems.

• Boosting the body’s own defences

There are indications that Auricularia possesses immunomodulating properties. A specific protein has been described which was shown to improve the production of immunocytes. The medicinal mushroom appears to be particularly well-suited to boosting the immunological parameters for tumours.

• Support of healing for skin and eye inflammation

One positive effect of the beta-D-glucans contained is the anti-inflammatory effect on skin, mucous membrane and eye conditions. The medicinal mushroom appears able to halt infectious processes and accelerate the healing of inflammation.

Other names

Jew’s ear, black Chinese fungus, wood fungus, Mu Err


Auricularia is spread almost throughout the world and can also be found growing wild in Germany.

Special features

In contrast to chemical, pharmaceutical blood thinners, Auricularia can improve the flow properties of the blood without attacking the vessel walls.
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