Cordyceps sinensis

Cordyceps sinensis
Cordyceps sinensis


Cordyceps sinensis is the medicinal mushroom for the gentle, yet long-term, increase in performance, which can provide freshness and stamina both on a physical and a mental and spiritual level. It is an important toning medicinal mushroom in traditional Chinese medicine, featuring both yin-boosting and yang-promoting properties. Scientific studies have shown an increase in mitochondrial ATP production and thus improved energy generation at a cellular level, in addition to general immune-boosting effects.

Applications tested in practice

• Promotion of performance, shortening of regeneration phases and improvement in stress resistance

Sportspeople within Asian culture have long been using Cordyceps sinensis due to the energy- and stamina-boosting properties of the medicinal mushroom. Tests have shown both an improvement in stamina and a reduced susceptibility to stress.

• Regulation of fertility and sexual dysfunction disorders

Cordyceps sinensis is traditionally used to promote and increase sexual performance. Studies indicate that there is a positive influence on testosterone production. Cordyceps supplements can also significantly improve semen quality with regard to sperm mobility and morphology, as well as the amount of semen.

• Cell protection, anti-ageing and boosting the immune system

Cordyceps sinensis contains a variety of antioxidant substances that inactivate free radicals and protect the organism from cellular damage. The efficacy in inhibiting ageing processes has been documented. The immune system also benefits from protection against oxidative stress.

• Brightening people’s moods

This medicinal mushroom has made a name for itself as a tonic against exhaustion, depression and stress. Scientific studies have successfully shown that Cordyceps extracts have a direct influence over the production of adrenalin and dopamine, although they do not affect serotonin mechanisms

Other names

Caterpillar fungus, yartsa gunbu, dōng chóng xià cǎo, ophiocordyceps sinensis


Cordyceps sinensis does not grow on plant-based substrates like other fungi, but instead grows exclusively on a particular type of Tibetan Plateau larva, which it attacks under the ground. Today, the rare and valuable mushroom is also cultivated.of India

Special features

Cordyceps sinensis is traditionally valued as a natural aphrodisiac and to generally boost performance.
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