Medicinal mushrooms for heart health

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It’s also referred to as the engine of life: the heart. The compact muscle in our chest performs true miracles day in, day out, ensures the blood supply to all of the organs, and never takes even a short break. What can you do to maintain the health and strength of the heart for a lifetime? Why are heart rhythm disorders so dangerous and how can we combat them with the help of medicinal mushrooms? These questions are investigated in this newsletter.
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Strength and rhythm for a central organ
An adult’s heart pumps around five litres of blood per minute around the body – and that’s at rest. This cardiac output can even increase many times over during physical effort. The service that this fist-sized muscle has to continuously perform in order to make its key contribution to the survival of the organism is almost unimaginable. A multitude of finely coordinated regulation principles ensures that a healthy person’s heart beats exactly as quickly and powerfully as is right for the body. The heart benefits hugely from moderate exercise, as this requires the organ to constantly adapt. Excessively high blood pressure places by far the greatest strain on the heart, so regular checks and, if necessary, targeted treatments protect not only the blood vessels but also the heart itself.
Stumbling blocks
The heart does not always beat as evenly as in the textbooks. There are many kinds of cardiac arrhythmia, some of which are harmless but others can be extremely dangerous. A medical investigation is always called for if you notice heartbeat irregularities yourself. However, some forms of cardiac arrhythmia go completely unnoticed or the symptoms are not associated with the heart – such as nausea, dizziness or concentration problems. The heart rhythm should thus always be examined as part of medical check-ups. An early diagnosis makes treatment easier and can prevent serious consequences such as the development of blood clots.
Medicinal mushrooms for the heart
Reishi should be mentioned first of all when it comes to promoting heart health with medicinal mushrooms. This mushroom has been prized for thousands of years and can also be used with good success if cardiac insufficiency has already been diagnosed. Scientists discovered a component in its extract that improves the activity of the heart muscle, increases blood flow, and reduces the oxygen consumption of the heart muscle. What’s more, Reishi can improve the flow properties of the blood and also has a positive effect on blood pressure regulation. Harmonising Maitake and Auricularia, which can optimise the oxygen supply in general and thus also the oxygen supply to the heart, have also proven of use. In general, medicinal mushrooms are considered a valuable element of heart-healthy dietary supplements as they are very rich in important minerals such as potassium and magnesium.
Keyword: Coronary arteries
The heart not only pumps oxygen-rich blood to supply to all of the organs in the body, but naturally also requires oxygen and nutrients itself in order to do its job. The heart’s own blood supply comes via the coronary arteries, which come directly from the aorta. In coronary heart disease (CHD), these blood vessels are narrowed, the blood supply to the heart is no longer ensured. Sudden narrowing of the coronary arteries is known as angina pectoris.