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Fibromyalgia is among the rheumatic illnesses that often become apparent with intolerable pain in the neck, back, in arms and backs or even throughout the body. It particularly affects women in the second half of their lives, although the causes are still largely unexplained. Hormonal changes come into consideration along with stress, excess weight, metabolic disorders and poor posture. Many specialist doctors see a very close connection with chronic fatigue syndrome. It is not currently possible to cure rheumatism and thus also fibromyalgia. Treatment therefore focuses on slowing down the illness process and alleviating pain. Diet, especially the provision of minerals and vitamins, is of particular importance. For rheumatics and as a preventative measure for people who have a family history of rheumatism, medicinal mushrooms are well-suited as a regular dietary supplement as they contain many easily digestible bioactive substances. Some components can have a direct anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

The regulating effect of medicinal mushrooms on the immune system has also been proven. Overall, the mushrooms could be both used as a preventative measure to reduce the risk of illness as well as for fibromyalgia that has already broken out.

Medicinal mushrooms for fibromyalgia

This medicinal mushroom has a balancing effect on the mind. It has been possible to show an influence on the neuroendocrine system in studies. The mushroom regulates the hormone balance, inhibits certain enzymes, which are considered responsible for the development of depression, and verifiably guards against stress, which has a highly beneficial effect on fibromyalgia.

Reishi has a relaxing and soothing effect on the vegetative nervous system. The mushroom sustainably alleviates pain and also balances out a possible micronutrient deficiency.

Our suggestions about the usage of medicinal mushrooms is no substitute for treatment from a doctor or alternative practitioner. Medications currently being taken or ongoing treatments should not be stopped without first consulting your doctor or alternative practitioner.