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As the largest gland in the body, the liver plays a central role in the metabolism and especially in the disposal of waste products and harmful substances.Primarily due to viruses, but also due to bacteria, parasites or medications as well as alcohol abuse, various forms of hepatitis (liver inflammation) can occur, which are more precisely defined with various letters (A, B, C, D, E).

Hepatitis A is an acute illness that usually passes after a few weeks or is not noticed at all due to minor or vague symptoms such as diarrhoea and fatigue. Hepatitis B and hepatitis E also have an uncomplicated and acute course in the majority of cases, although some cases can be chronic and then urgently require treatment. In contrast, hepatitis C should be identified as early as possible in order to prevent long-term consequences such as liver cancer or cirrhosis of the liver. Hepatitis D, which must be reported and only occurs in combination with hepatitis B, is rare in Germany.

The medicinal treatment of hepatitis can be supported effectively with medicinal mushrooms. It has been possible to show in studies that medicinal mushrooms stimulate the immune system to produce increased numbers of antibodies, which keep the viruses in check.

Medicinal mushrooms for hepatitis

In mycotherapy, Reishi is considered one of the most effective and versatile ways of strengthening the human body. Both in acute and chronic hepatitis, this mushroom can significantly support the immune system and thus alleviate symptoms.

Its immunostimulatory effect makes Shiitake highly valuable in all forms of hepatitis. Crucial support is provides to overcome acute viral infections.

Agaricus blazei Murrill
ABM proven itself as support for the body in fighting infections.

Maitake has a relieving effect on the liver, protects the liver cells and stimulates their natural functions.


Our suggestions about the usage of medicinal mushrooms is no substitute for treatment from a doctor or alternative practitioner. Medications currently being taken or ongoing treatments should not be stopped without first consulting your doctor or alternative practitioner.