Illnesses from A to Z


In general, one always refers to a “weakened” immune system when a person is plagued by frequent infections and this often drags on for a prolonged period of time. Every day, our body has to cope with a variety of pathogens. The complex defence system in the body is responsible for ensuring that we nevertheless do not become ill in most cases.

However, an unbalanced diet, luxury items and environmental toxins, as well as chronic stress, mental conflict and many other factors, reduce the activity of the immune system. It has limited ability to protect the organism from pathogenic germs, as well as from free radicals or defectively formed somatic cells. The consequences are frequent infections, especially of the respiratory tract, but also of the gastro-intestinal tract, a general feeling of illness and limited resilience. Viewed over the long term, poor defences are suspected of promoting the formation of tumours.

The treatment starts with researching and rectifying the causes: the immune system requires many vital substances from a balanced diet, it is also strengthened by physical activity and fresh air. Particular attention should be paid to intestinal health, as the intestinal flora plays a key role in establishing a powerful immune system. Various medicinal mushrooms can be used very well as a complement, as they provide the organism with a variety of important substances for the defences.

Medicinal mushrooms for immunodeficiency

Agaricus blazei Murrill
ABM is particularly rich in polysaccharides, which sustainably modulate the immune system. Studies show that an increase and activation of natural killer cells and the phagocytes in the blood occurs when ABM is administered. The formation of chemical messenger substances is also stimulated, which also help to control defence processes. ABM extract is used in the USA as a supportive treatment for AIDS patients.

Cordyceps and Coriolus
Both medicinal mushrooms are able to effectively support the cellular defences in the body. Thanks to the antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties, the mushrooms can be used for many indications associated with a weak immune system. They have also been proven of use when administered supportively for tumour disorders.

Maitake possesses huge potential for regulating the body’s own defences.

Shiitake is an effective medicinal mushroom for immunomodulation. It can be used very well, particularly in children.

Our suggestions about the usage of medicinal mushrooms is no substitute for treatment from a doctor or alternative practitioner. Medications currently being taken or ongoing treatments should not be stopped without first consulting your doctor or alternative practitioner.