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Osteoporosis is a typical old-age disease. Bone atrophy, as it is known colloquially, can be attributed to several causes, but is above all due to two factors: calcium deficiency and too little exercise. It is actually very easy for us to take control of preventing the most common bone illness with several million above all older patients in Germany. It is thought to be due to the hormonal change in the menopause that many women are already affected by osteoporosis from the age of 50, while the risk of illness for men only increases at an older age. Now that hormone replacement therapy, which was common up until a few years ago, is no longer generally recommended as the number of breast cancer and stroke patients among the treated women increased significantly, holistic treatment as early as possible has taken a higher priority. High-quality calcium from food and sufficient vitamin D should already ensure that the bones remain stable and healthy for a long time long before an outbreak of osteoporosis. If symptoms exist, it is primarily a case of alleviating the constant pain and halting the progression of the illness process. Back pain is typical of osteoporosis, and many bone fractures also take their toll on older people. Bone density measurement provides information about whether the bone structure has actually changed. A certain reduction in bone density is, however, normal at an older age and, apart from a good supply of vital substances, does not require any special treatment.

Medicinal mushrooms to strengthen the bones

Shiitake and Maitake
Both medicinal mushrooms contain precursors of vitamin D, which is especially important for the incorporation of calcium from the food into the bones. A dietary supplement is above all recommended when a sufficient intake of vitamin D from sunlight via the skin cannot be ensured. Shiitake also has a positive effect on the mobility of muscles and joints.

Reishi displays a notably high concentration of minerals and above all calcium. The bioavailability is very good, which means that the minerals can be easily absorbed by the human organism. A direct pain-relieving effect is also worthy of mention.

Our suggestions about the usage of medicinal mushrooms is no substitute for treatment from a doctor or alternative practitioner. Medications currently being taken or ongoing treatments should not be stopped without first consulting your doctor or alternative practitioner.