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Stomach problems

Problems with the stomach can have various causes. Most often, inflammation of the gastric mucosa (gastritis) and – frequently as a result of this – gastric and duodenal ulcers occur. Typically, there is pain in the upper abdomen after eating, loss of appetite, flatulence, nausea and, in serious cases, vomiting.

Stress, a busy lifestyle and mental stress can also “hit the stomach” and lead to massive, very prolonged or recurring symptoms in the abdomen region without organic findings being shown. However, regardless of whether mucous membrane damage already exists or not: mental regulation is also hugely important for successful treatment. An improvement in stress resistance can also be learned along with relaxation techniques; what’s more, a fixed daily routine with regular meals should also be an aim as far as possible. Stimulants such as tobacco or alcohol and spicy foods should be avoided as they put particular strain on the mucous membrane of the stomach.

Medicinal mushrooms for stomach problems

This medicinal mushroom clearly takes top place when it comes to alleviating mucous membrane damage in the gastro-intestinal tract. Hericium can verifiably make a major contribution to restoring damaged mucous membranes and, with its antimicrobial components, protects against the bacteria helicobacter pylori, which is considered responsible for some forms of gastritis. What’s more, it can alleviate unrest, anxiety and feelings of tension at a mental level.

Its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect also makes this medicinal mushroom a valuable helper for stomach problems. Reishi also strengthens the immune system and has a balancing, soothing effect on the central nervous system.

Cordyceps also has a balancing effect on the mind. The mushroom not only regulates the hormone balance, but also counteracts various stress symptoms, which has a particularly favourable effect on stomach complaints with no organic findings.

Shiitake is an excellent immunomodulator, which therefore should above all be used when the stomach complaints occur due to infection.

Auricularia is valued, among other things, due to its anti-inflammatory properties for skin and mucous membrane conditions. This explains its use for stomach complaints as well as its significant blood flow-promoting effect, which optimally supports self-healing in the gastric mucosa region.

Our suggestions about the usage of medicinal mushrooms is no substitute for treatment from a doctor or alternative practitioner. Medications currently being taken or ongoing treatments should not be stopped without first consulting your doctor or alternative practitioner.