• Hello

    in the new to this forum. in from sweden; Gothenburg and dont know german so well using google translate to read here. and now writing in english which is not the best either.

    i bought through a german friend several fluessigextrakte for my lungcancer i took before and under chemo the chemo didnt help but the muschrooms did help what they thing is the mothertumor to thrink from 5-6 cm to 2.5 cm but didnt do anything to all the metastasis . my doctor think it was an inflammation in the mothertumor that went away and got it to shrink. then i found a got NSCL and EFGR mutation so i got targeted medicin GIOTRIF then my doctor didnt want me to eat the fluessigextrakte any longer. this is short my history with mushrooms ...

    Anyway why i am here now is asking for a friend who got leiomyosarcoma in uterus. and what mushroom do you recommend? (she is also bleeding some)

    hope for thoughts on this matter <3


  • Hi Lola,

    nice to "read" you here in our Forum.

    I'm so sorry that the Mushrooms are out of the question for you.

    For your friend I would like to recommend the Maitake and the ABM Extrakt.

    Daily 1.500 - 1.800mg pro Mushroom and day.

    Best wishes