• Hello

    I am new to this forum. I am from Sweden; Gothenburg and I don't know German well with Google Translator to read and write here.

    I bought several mushroom LIQUID EXTRACTS for my lung cancer from a German friend; I took before and under chemo. Chemotherapy didn't help, but the mushrooms helped. What they did was reduce the mother tumor from 5-6 cm to 2.5 cm, but do nothing against all metastases. My doctor thinks it was an inflammation in the mother tumor that has gone away and caused it to shrink. Then I found an EFGR mutation, so I got a targeted drug GIOTRIF. Then my doctor no longer wanted me to eat the LIQUID EXTRACT mushroom, and the fungal therapeutic agent could not recommend a mushroom with the new drug. She said she knew too little about this drug.

    This is briefly my story with mushrooms ...

    Anyway, why I'm here now asks for a friend who has leiomyosarcoma in the uterus. and which mushroom do you recommend? (She's bleeding some too)

    hope for thoughts on this topic <3